My name is James Kingsbery (I go by Jamie), and I am the Optimization Team Lead at Yodle, managing a team of brilliant quantitative developers/analysts. We solve incredibly challenging problems developing Yodle’s proprietary bidding algorithm. Previous to that, I was Senior Software Engineer and Development Team Lead for Cross Commerce Media, a start up in New York City. My technical areas of expertise are software engineering, release automation, development process improvement, and software team building. Having been at a start-up and now working in the marketing industry, my interests have spilled over into non-technical areas, such as the process of discovering, developing and refining products and maximizing the use of marketing channels.

This blog has several goals:

  • A quick reference for ideas that I have
  • It serves as my “writing” outlet in Duane’s Algorithm
  • As a means of sharing thoughts that I have with whoever finds them interesting. My mix of skills means that my posts will be varied in nature.

Email can be addressed to me at 06jameskingsbery followed by the at sign followed by my e-mail domain name, gmail.com.

Check me out on Github.

Check me out on Stackoverflow.

I work for Yodle, but the opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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